Spokesman for the Glendale Chapter of Youth for Human Rights International Speaks Out on Peace Day 2006

Glendale, CA
24 September 2006

War and terrorism may dominate the world headlines, but Glendale, California, has its sights set on peace, and 14-year-old Alexis Mathes is right at the center of that movement.

Spokesperson for the Glendale chapter of Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) Alexis Mathes has been editing the International YHRI newsletter for the past two years.

Alexis joined thousands of children all over the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace 2006 when she gave the following keynote speech to a group of forty children and teens at the City of Glendale’s historic “Oak of Peace” in Verdugo Adobe Park.

“Today, we in Glendale are participating in a global event, the International Day of Peace. There are 3,500 similar events happening around the world today in 187 different countries. We all want peace.

“In 1981, the United Nations proclaimed the opening day of its regular session as the International Day of Peace and invited all groups and individuals everywhere to observe the Day.

“In New York at United Nations Headquarters, the day is marked with a special ceremony near the Peace Bell. The bell, which was cast from coins donated by people from some 60 countries, is a gift to the United Nations by the United Nations Association of Japan.

“Each year, the United Nations Secretary-General delivers a special message before ringing the bell and calls upon people throughout the world to reflect for a moment on the universal goal of peace.

“Later on in the day, during the opening ceremony of the United Nations, at 3:00 p.m. local time, a minute of silence will be held.

“This will coincide with our own moment of peace to be held in Glendale at noon.

“Youth for Human Rights is an organization that joins with the United Nations in the goal of peace through education of youth on human rights. Knowledge is power and those that do not know their rights can easily lose them or never achieve them. We want to educate youth everywhere on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”