Iranian Youth For Human Rights Art Competition

15 August 2008

Article by Chris W. Burst of Persian Mirror

A global artistic and educational effort has been formed to raise the awareness of Iranian youth on their human rights in form of an art competition.

World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media (WAALM) in cooperation with the Abbey College—UK, award-winning Persian vocalist, Sattar, and in association with Youth For Human Rights International (YHRI), USA, developed this crayon drawing competition to educate and raise awareness of human rights amongst Iranian youth all over the world.

Human Right #18: “Freedom of Thought” is the topic for this contest. The top three winners will be awarded with a Diploma of Talent from WAALM (signed jointly by its founders and Sattar) and receive a two-week English course scholarship at The Abbey College—UK.

Moreover, the best 100 drawings will be exhibited in England and their artists will receive a certificate of participation as well as Sattar’s photo personally signed. This competition is open to all Iranians around the world aged 13–19.

Those who brought this to our Iranian youth:

Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is an independent nonprofit corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, with the purpose to educate people in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. Most recently, YHRI released a series of thirty audiovisual public service announcements, one for each Article of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The first of these messages, released in late 2005, has been screened to more than 130 million people. YHRI also publishes the UNITED Human Rights Handbook, providing educators and leaders with a practical tool with which to teach human rights to the young.

The Abbey College—UK was established as a seat of learning in 1874, lying on the lower slopes of the famous Malvern Hills in central England. It offers a variety of programs including medical, engineering, business, vocational and English-language courses. Abbey College has a strong reputation for its academic excellence and it is fully accredited by the British Accreditation Council. Abbey College has recently become a contributing member of YHRI education.

Sattar is admired by more than 100 million people. He has recorded over 270 songs, has released thirty albums and performed in 23 countries. He is the favorite of the Persian royal family and the Persians’ most idolized vocalist artist of our contemporary time. As a caring individual, Sattar volunteers to perform at charity events for causes he believes in supporting. In September 2004, International Further Studies Institute (I.F.S.I.) conferred him with an Honorary Doctorate award for his sincere dedication and contribution to humankind, the world of art and Persian music in particular.

Sattar received his first award for best melodic voice in pop music and a second award for his vocal ability in classical music.

The key to his longevity is his amazing vocal ability, which ranges from Traditional/Classic (Bazm) to the diverse sounds of present day pop music.

The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media—WAALM supports, develops and promotes the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, inspires practitioners and benefits the public by means of international-awarding events. WAALM is an active advocate of human rights education since 2006.

Click here to learn more about human rights and Human Right #18 .

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